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21st Century Skills

The term "21st Century Skills" is used a lot, but rarely does anyone articulate what that really means, or how these skills are developed within practice. This topic exists to connect you with educ...

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Authentic and Dynamic Assessments for Service-Learning

Teachers and students have increasing pressures to show student mastery of standards and outcomes. In this webinar participants will explore authentic formative and summative assessments being used...

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Community Engaged Scholarship

This workshop introduces the concept of community engaged scholarships and invites participants to consider innovative ways in which they can partner with communities through their faculty role. It...

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Creating Service-Learning Model Units

This topic takes an in depth look at how to create an exemplary service-learning unit that incorporates the K-12 standards for quality service-learning, Understanding by Design, formative and summa...

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Early Childhood

Service-learning is a big part of higher education. More and more K-12 schools are embracing service-learning as a method of teaching and learning. But can it come earlier? Can preschool students b...

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Fundraising and Event Planning

Service-Learning project aspirations often lead educators to fundraising events, grant writing, and seeking donations. Although money is not required to use service-learning as a methodology, extr...

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Getting Started in Service-Learning

"Service-Learning is all about doing. It's an educational initiative for students of any age, characterized not by a particular type of project or a specific academic discipline; rather it's learn...

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Going Deeper in Service-Learning

With one or more years under your belt working on a service-learning project, how can you start to improve the quality and make an even greater impact? This webinar introduced tools and ideas to he...

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Lift: Raising the Bar for Service-Learning Practice

Take an in-depth look at all eight K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice. Lift is a collection of resources designed to help educators improve service-learning experiences in their c...

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Making Service Meaningful

This collection of resources is designed to help you make your service-learning projects meaningful for students, service recipients, and the community. Experience Lift, our new multimedia professi...

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National Youth Leadership Council

For more than 25 years, NYLC has led a movement that links youth, educators, and communities to redefine the roles of young people in society. That movement is service-learning, and it empowers you...

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Project Learning Tree

The way America's youth learn about the environment will largely determine the future quality life for generations to come. Environmental education is necessary to help students understand the env...

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High-quality reflection challenges students to think deeply about their service-learning experiences. By encouraging multiple methods of reflection throughout the experience ? before, during, and a...

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Service-Learning Cycle

Service-Learning is best thought of as a cycle that includes planning, action, and follow-up steps. As the diagram of the Service-Learning Cycle illustrates, the process doesn't begin with the act ...

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Service-Learning in Elementary Education

This topic explores service-learning in elementary education (K-6). Please use the provided resources for ideas and professional development within your classroom.

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Service-Learning in the PreK-3 Classroom

Service Learning in the PreK?3 Classroom from Free Spirit Publishing is based on field trials Vickie Lake, PhD, and Ithel Jones, EdD, conducted with over 3,500 students and 215 educators as part of...

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Service-Learning Reflection Journal

Join Dr. Margaret Sass, Assistant Director of Service-Learning at Purdue University, to learn about a Service-Learning Reflection Journal for Kids. This academic community engagement tool helps stu...

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STEM and Service-Learning

The hands-on nature of service-learning is an ideal way to bring real world problem-solving into the STEM classroom. Through meaningful service-learning projects, students can discover that a caree...

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Sustaining Service-Learning

What does it take to sustain service-learning as a teaching methodology in your state, district, organization, or personal practice? What does it take to create and sustain a culture that supports...

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As educational strategies, service-learning and technology naturally pair - each lends to the other's proclivity to grow and adapt. This topic features resources to help you integrate technology wi...

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