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21st Century Skills

The term "21st Century Skills" is used a lot, but rarely does anyone articulate what that really means, or how these skills are developed within practice. This topic exists to connect you with educ...

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9/11 Day Observance

MyGoodDeed Founder and CEO David Paine partnered with NYLC to present this webinar about making 9/11 a day of service. David discussed the work his group does organizing volunteers, and presented r...

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Action Civics

Citizenship is not an innate skill; it must be practiced in a safe environment. Learn how to take your service-learning project to the next level and empower your students to examine the root cause...

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Arts and Humanities

Artistic expression is an important but often forgotten tool to be used in service-learning. This topic features resources and video to help guide arts and humanities as integral pieces of the serv...

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Authentic and Dynamic Assessments for Service-Learning

Teachers and students have increasing pressures to show student mastery of standards and outcomes. In this webinar participants will explore authentic formative and summative assessments being used...

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Building a Youth Council

Schools and community organizations can reap huge benefits by tapping the creative, enthusiastic, and insightful ideas and voices of young people. This topic explore the powerful benefits of engag...

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Building Partnerships

This topic will feature topics related to creating partnerships within youth-led service-learning projects. Service-learning partnerships are collaborative, mutually beneficial, and address communi...

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Community Engaged Scholarship

This workshop introduces the concept of community engaged scholarships and invites participants to consider innovative ways in which they can partner with communities through their faculty role. It...

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Creating Service-Learning Model Units

This topic takes an in depth look at how to create an exemplary service-learning unit that incorporates the K-12 standards for quality service-learning, Understanding by Design, formative and summa...

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Developing a Publicity Plan

This topic features resources to help develop a successful publicity and marketing plan for service-learning. Watch the recorded webinar on getting media attention to learn how youth leaders can us...

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Dr. Shirin Ebadi

Dr. Shirin Ebadi Nobel Laureate and judge Ebadi is the first Iranian to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her outspoken campaigns for human rights ...

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Early Childhood

Service-learning is a big part of higher education. More and more K-12 schools are embracing service-learning as a method of teaching and learning. But can it come earlier? Can preschool students b...

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EarthEcho Expeditions

EarthEcho Expeditions is dedicated to local communities engaging youth in improving our Water Planet. In this topic, EarthEcho’s educators, partners, and staff give you an inside look at how EarthE...

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Environmental Service-Learning

Earth Force provides young people with hands-on, real-world opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire and understand environmental knowledge, and develop the skills and motivation to become l...

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First Generation College Students

Check out resources from the filmmakers of First Generation, a documentary feature film about the struggles first generation college students face. In this interactive video chat and webinar featur...

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Free the Children

Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner that believes in a world where all children are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. They work domestic...

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From the Classroom to Capitol Hill

On September 13, 2012, The National Youth Leadership Council's CEO Kelita Bak hosted a public briefing to discuss how the Guilford County school district in Greensboro, North Carolina achieved high...

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Fundraising and Event Planning

Service-Learning project aspirations often lead educators to fundraising events, grant writing, and seeking donations. Although money is not required to use service-learning as a methodology, extr...

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G. Bernard Gill Legacy Session

Watch this recorded workshop from the 23rd Annual Service-Learning Conference® to learn from Serena Muhammad, founder of America SCORES St. Louis, about how to help students build important perform...

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Geoffrey Canada

Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO, Harlem Children?s Zone, Inc. In his 20-plus years with Harlem Children?s Zone, Inc., Canada has become nationally recognized for his pioneering work helping chil...

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Getting Started in Service-Learning

"Service-Learning is all about doing. It's an educational initiative for students of any age, characterized not by a particular type of project or a specific academic discipline; rather it's learn...

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