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This group will feature an exemplary GSN member, updated monthly! Katy Dolan is part of a new cohort of GSN users – specifically, a group of ten youth leaders who will advise NYLC (and so GSN staff) for the next two years...

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Connect, share, and learn with the students and educators who gathered to explore how youth ? along with educators, policy makers, and community leaders ? are making real-world change at Without Limits, the 2013 National S...

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Summer is coming, and it's time to reflect on another year of service-learning. For this month's contest, use Flipgrid to share your service-learning reflection. Flipgrid allows you to create video responses, up to 90 sec...

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This year, NYLC is offering a program between NYLT camp and interviews for the YAC that will give candidates an opportunity to experience what it is like to collaborate with others from different parts of the country. It a...

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Connect with Youth and Adult Leaders from Around the World! Join the more than one thousand students, educators, and government leaders from across the country and around the world at Educate. Ignite. Transform., the 27t...

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